Genesis: Three Book Ideas

In a post on the HTRYN forum, I wrote the following:

Now, here’s what I consider the interesting part of all this.  I’ve ended up with 3 book ideas out of the deal.  I’ve got the story I’m writing right now (which is about an ex-priestess in a foreign land who finds that an infidel has a copy of a holy book that is forbidden to non-believers and decides to take it back home and then faces the consequences of stealing a book from a vampire).  I’ve got the second story that I split out of my first draft (which is about a young half-orc who’s the first half orc accepted to mage training and the prejudice he faces.)  And then I’ve got the original story that I planned on writing at the beginning of all this (which is about two boys in the mage’s dojo who get picked by the Empress to go on a dangerous mission for which they are totally not ready.)

It’s interesting to me how I started off with a story about two boys and ended up with a story about an ex-priestess.

I started off with these two apprentice mages who were friends.  They were both screw ups and weren’t really fitting in with the school.  They were given a sum of gold and told that as a part of their training they had to find their way to a particular city and “do the right thing.”  Basically, they were given a quest without any idea of how to do it.  The Empress, who set them on this journey, can glimpse the future and knew that they would create a string a chaotic events along the way causing all sorts of mayhem.

I didn’t like that the two boys were both mages and decided to make one a sage.  He came upon his master being killed by vampires and was accidentally turned into one.  The other boy was the apprentice of the mage that was investigating the murder.

Then I changed the story so that the boy was killed in the other boy’s room and instead of a sage, he was a thief who had stolen something from a vampire.  And the mage had to find evidence to exonerate his apprentice.

And then it turned out that the thief had stolen a book from the vampire and a teardrop from the Empress’ temple for another mage who was an instructor at the school.  And during the process of finding out what nefarious deeds that mage was up to, the two boys got sent to hell.  And the one boy (who had been accused of killing his friend) was actually a half-Orc (which are from Hell in this universe) and that allowed him to walk around in Hell without all the devils freaking out and killing him.  And the other boy being a vampire allowed him to fit in pretty well, too.

And that was my first draft that I finished.

Then I realized that I’d turned myself into a pretzel with so many coincidences.  And that’s when I realized I had smashed two stories together.  So I took the story about the young thief being accidentally being turned into a vampire and ran with that.  And that was my second version of the story.

In the version of the story I’m working on right now, the young thief is a secondary character.  He steals the book from the vampire for the priestess.  The vampire tracks them down and attacks them and during the fight, the thief accidentally gets killed and infected with the vampire’s blood.  So what started out not being in the story at all has morphed from the main turning point for a main character into a secondary plot line (although still an important point).

I don’t know if anyone else will ever find that interesting but I do.  So there.


2 Responses to “Genesis: Three Book Ideas”

  1. I think that is the excitment of writing, creating the characters and see where they lead you.
    Congrats on getting a handle on the stories and I hope when revised you get picked up by publishers because I would love to read them.

  2. Your experience is not exactly like mine, but I also found other possibilities in my story. Mine have to do with genre, and genre-splitting. Fun, but time-consuming. Best of luck–that’s wrong. Best of work to you!

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