It’s July Already?

So I realized that something was wrong with my story that I’ve been revising. Something has been wrong with my story for a while. From the beginning.

I had too many characters and too many unrelated stories. I realized that when I split my original story into its two halves, that I hadn’t split it correctly. One of the plot objects that I was using in this story (The Teardrop) should have gone with the other story.

I decided to just sit down and write out the outline of the story from scratch. I decided to keep only the basic events of the story. Basically ONE event, the event that I loved about this story. Nothing else was sacred.

And there was a massive implosion. As I started to write the outline, characters that had been separate and diametrically opposed smooshed together and became a new character with bits and pieces of the original characters. Story lines merged together or fell away. My main character became a secondary character. A secondary character and my villain merged and became my hero. A whole slew of vampires merged into a single bad-ass vampire who is now my villain. My city grew dark with winter and ice filled the bay shutting down sea travel out of the city. I suddenly felt like I was close to the story that I really wanted to write, a story I could really get excited about.

Right now, I’m still working on my scene list. Almost all of my scenes (over 85%) are totally new scenes. I’m looking to see if I can heighten any conflicts, add in some drama, add in some unintended consequences, and making sure that I’m resolving all my conflicts and not letting any of them drop. When I’m done with that, I’ll begin the write-in.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to writing words by the end of this week.


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