WABWM – 4/11/10

391 Words – 4/11/10; 327 Words – 4/8/10

The Princess and her crew get through the jump and deal with the aftereffects.  She takes a look at where she came out of jump and four small ships are heading her way.  And they’re telling her she’s trespassing.   The Captain of the four ships approaches this ship that has invaded her space.  She thinks that they’re pirates and they’ve had a lot of bad times with pirates lately.  They’re not a strong navy.  So she comes in bluffing hoping to scare the ship off.  The woman claims to be some sort of royal from a star system.


So, this past week has been insane.  I worked 60 hours last week.  I went to post what I had written a few days ago, and of course, my internet went down.  It was down all night and into the next morning.  When you work remotely via the internet and you’ve got two projects you’ve got to get finished, well, that’s bad.  Luckily, it came up just in time for me to move my new Microbiology report code to the Client Test environment and re-process their results just before our project manager had a demo with the client.  They loved the new changes.  That night, I worked instead of writing.  We got a good certification meeting.  Just a couple of minor things to wrap up and we’re certified.

So last night, I went to dinner with my wife and relaxed and didn’t write.

So those are my excuses for not being around.


One Response to “WABWM – 4/11/10”

  1. Congrats on fixing the code problem. 🙂

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