WABWM – 4/6/10

246 words.

The hell of the skip jump.  And after it’s all over, the Princess checks her ship to find Engineering in flames.

I really wasn’t going to write tonight.  I’ve been working most of the night and I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.  The certification has turned into a never-ending torture session and we’ve got to get some things changed by Friday.  I had a big fight with the Russian programmer today.  AND I’ve got 2 other projects clamoring for attention.  But I set aside 30 minutes and got some good words.  I hadn’t really understood how it felt to Jump until tonight.


One Response to “WABWM – 4/6/10”

  1. Okay, I won’t go into how I worry about our national security.

    But this is fascinating: you hadn’t really understood how it felt to jump until tonight. This is a breakthrough, and I’d be interested to know how this breakthrough happened. Will you discuss this on the forums? Like, what happened, or what did you do so that now you understand how it feels to jump? It would be cool if you did.

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