WABWM – 4/4/10

415 words.

The pirate captain curses his inept crew and sends a shuttle to board The Princess’ ship.  But before his shuttle is halfway, the Princess’ ship lauches a barrage of missiles at the pirate captain’s ship, incapacitating it.  The Princess’ ship tangles her shield in one of the pirate ships shield and then fires down the breach created, destroying that ship.  She accelerates to the jump point.  The third pirate ship fires and begins to give chase but decides to come back for survivors.  The pirate captain is furious and fires everyone.


2 Responses to “WABWM – 4/4/10”

  1. Hahaha! Man, I would hate to be fired by a pirate captain. I want to know how this comes out–and if the prose is different from the outline. The outline (and remember who is talking here) strikes me as funny. Is this a meet-cute, or just someone The Princess gets to vanquish? Good for you for keeping up the work.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    I pictured this particular captain as the actor James Marsters. I know him from Caprica and Smallville but I was actually seeing him from his role as Spike on Buffy/Angel.

    I’ve tried to show pirate captains throughout the book as just barely containing (and sometimes losing control of) the chaos of their crew and ship. I want to contrast that with the more disciplined military crews and to show how The Princess gets her “pirate” crew to behave in a more military fashion.

    So, I did kinda write this guy for the comedy of it. He’s really out of his league. His crew really sucks. And he knows it. He’s frustrated by it.

    So, she gives him an ass kicking and never sees him again. But he does show up again in a few scenes. And then he dies when he says the wrong thing to a military ship that’s chasing the Princess.

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