WABWM – 4/3/10

526 words.

The captain of a pirate ship masquerading as a border patrol prepares his crew to send a boarding party over to this ship that wants to fly through his jump point.  He’s got a picture of that ship’s captain (The Princess) up on his feed and is admiring it.  The crews of his ships are undisciplined and they don’t fly very well.  He has another talk with The Princess to tell her to stop relative to the jump point until they inspect and she protests that his ships can just match her vector and his boarding ships will be able to make it across the same as if the ship was stopped relative to some arbitrary point.  She says some suggestive things and he doesn’t press the matter.  He just tells his boarding party to prepare to launch.

LIFE:  I would have written more but I’ve got a headache.  We watched Revolutionary Road tonight.  I love me some Kate Winslet but damn that’s a depressing movie.


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