WABWM – 4/1/10

510 words.

Tired and wasted, the Princess checks her sensors to see if she’s being followed.  She doesn’t see anything.  Then she notices three ships waiting at the jump point she’s heading to.  They see her and begin to move in her direction.  She has a little communication with the captain of one of the ships who claims their Border Patrol for some non-existent star nation.  They order her to heave to and prepare for boarding.  She claims she’s carrying medical supplies and really can’t.  They insist.  She agrees.  She shuts off the communication channel and then hits the Battle Stations alarm.

PERSONAL:  Snowy River had his eye checked and it’s coming along well. The Vet was really happy and expects him to get over 95% of his vision back in that eye.  (For now, he’s completely blind in that eye.)


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