WABWM – 3/31/10

596 words.

End Previous Scene:  The Princess speaks to her crew and watches the enemy fleet to see if they take the bait.  She envies the precision and discipline of that fleet when they turn to her and begin the chase.

Beginning of New Scene:  Physically sick and mentally exhausted after a series of hyperlight jumps, the Princess and her ship have outrun all but a couple of enemy ships and she’s hoping she lost them with the last jump.  She contacts her engineer and learns that their jump drives are giving way under the strain.  She can’t keep this up.

WRITING:  I haven’t finished this last scene, yet.  So I haven’t gotten to the twist.  Which is, of course, going to suck for her.

LIFE:  Had a big certification demo today and we ALMOST passed.  Which is good.  If we can pass at the next certification demo (scheduled for Monday), we will have passed certification about two months before the certification people thought we would.   And that’ s more than good because our sales people have already sold the product.  And that’s why we’re very stressed about this thing.  I hate it when people sell stuff I’m building like it’s already been built for ages.


One Response to “WABWM – 3/31/10”

  1. Do your characters forgive you afterwards? Oh, those poor spacejumpers.

    DH helps design things, and he often complains that the product is being designed by marketeers before it ever gets to engineering. Good luck on clearing your action items. TX

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