WABWM – 3/29/10

280 words.

The Princess has come back to the pirate station to find a small fleet of warships from her home system.  She commands her second ship, which is not a fighting ship, to jump away.  The Princess sends an unsecured message to the portmaster so that the fleet will see that it’s her and follow her instead of her second ship.  Then she speeds toward a secondary jump point to draw them away from where her second ship jumped from.  She figures to lead them a merry chase.

WRITING:  I putzed around tonight and didn’t spend as much time writing as I had planned.  These 280 words just rolled off my fingers.

LIFE:  Got another stab at certifying our product coming up this Wednesday… which is sooner than any of us would like.  But at least they’re not making us wait months between certification attempts like we’d been told they would.  It was originally scheduled for Friday, which I thought was a tad tight.  Oh, well.

And our 18 year old kitty (that we just inherited) had to have 4 teeth extracted.  The 15 year old kitty we inherited is still too small and weak to get dental work done.  She’s just a 5 pound fuzzy skeleton.  The vet has put her on thyroid medication and we’re trying to put some meat on her bones.  Both kitties were owned by a 93 year old woman who recently passed away.  She really couldn’t take good care of them


2 Responses to “WABWM – 3/29/10”

  1. How old is the princess? She sure has a good head for strategy! You have to root for someone who tries so hard. Those cats are sure blessed to have you as a new owner. My best for their health. We don’t know how old our cat is, or who owned her before us, if anyone, but she’s a good kitty. Brave and a bit lonesome. Cats can’t help it if people are allergic to them. Best wishes on getting your product certified.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    The Princess is 19 when this all starts. I take great pains earlier in the story to show her studying strategy and history and how that costs her some in terms of social interaction with her crew. A huge part of this story arch is showing a spoiled brat discover her inner Napoleon.

    Yeah, the person we got the cats from inherited them from her grandmother but couldn’t keep them because her husband and daughter are both very allergic. But because of that, she kept the 18 year old locked in her garage for a couple of months. Even through that 20 degree weather a few weeks ago. That couldn’t have been good for an 18 year old cat. And all she put out was dry food not realizing that the old cat couldn’t eat it very easily because of how bad her teeth were.


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