WABWM – 3/27/10

328 words.

The Princess finishes her chat with the prison ship captain and then kicks them off the ship.

WRITING:  I really didn’t want to write this.  I spent most of today thinking about the direction of the story and working on plot cards.  I’ve basically gone off my original line but the place I’ve ended up isn’t totally off the path.  I can still get to where I was planning to go with only minor alterations.  The scene I was working on today, I didn’t have a good feel for why it was there.  And it may not make it into the book.  But the dialogue between the Princess and this prisoner really answered some questions that I didn’t know I had about the character the Princess is becoming.    She’s flirting with the danger of becoming too brutal and too forceful and too violent.  The captain pointed out to her that she (the princess) couldn’t leave a swath of death and destruction behind her and still retain the love of her people.  The captain pointed out that the Princess ran the risk of becoming a terrorist.


One Response to “WABWM – 3/27/10”

  1. You might not have liked writing the scene, but it seems very important to me. Isn’t the nature of a struggle partly about knowing the limits? Remember in the HtTS, Week 7 where you ask the characters, what do you want and what do you really not want and so forth? What would you sacrifice? That’s what this scene is approaching for the Princess. Good for the captain for knowing and having the guts to say to the Princess, “Hey, your highness, being a fighter is one thing, leaving a swath is another thing.”

    I kind of like a good character who has had a flirtation with the dark side and rejected it for principle’s sake. Anyway, good for you for writing today!

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