WABWM – 3/23/10

450 words.

The Usurper is speaking with an admiral as he watches The Princess on his HV.  He wants her shut up.  The Admiral tells him that it takes time for the feed to stop after the ship is destroyed.  The Usurper is not happy.  He watches the feed with the sound turned down as he has a drink.  He considers her on-camera skills to be amateurish and thinks of her as a good-for-nothing rich kid who’s never had to do any work and therefore, not really a threat.  The feed stops.  The Usurper wants her body brought to the Capital as quickly as possible so he can use it in a press conference… but the Admiral lets him know that there are no bodies in the wreckage.

WRITING:  Ugh.  How could they have searched all the wreckage that fast?  Damn.  This scene is seriously flawed. 

I’m considering putting The Princess on the back-burner and concentrating on HTRYN.  I know I’ve got to do one or the other and I don’t want to sacrifice my forward momentum on this project.  OTOH, I have a goal of having a novel FINISHED this year and that implies finishing the revision of my first novel.  So now I’m thinking my time might be better spent finishing up One Teardrop in Windhaven instead.  I hate stopping something.

TANGENT:  I’ve got a fear of not finishing things that I start.  My dad had a bunch of projects that he started and never finished.  I grew up in a room my dad had converted from the garage and  3/4’s of the floor had carpet and 4/5’s of the wall was finished.  He was constantly starting projects like that.  So, I don’t like not finishing.  Writing has been very difficult for me because I’ve never finished anything.  But I love to write.  So.  There you go.


2 Responses to “WABWM – 3/23/10”

  1. You are writing a first draft, not a finished novel. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just write a note to look into the time frame to search a wreck in space, and add POTS and BAB time references in the revision. No need for Perfect while writing a first draft.
    As for completing projects, you only have 24 hours in a day and most is used to work, eat and sleep. The few hours left have to be shared between writing or revising your first draft. You already finished the first draft of the thief and when you have time you can work through HTRYN to make a good story great. While your muse is talking, keep writing. 🙂 Then when finished writing, you can get back to revising.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Thanks, Diane! 🙂

    That was my original thought but then I started double-thinking myself.

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