WABWM – 03/22

370 Words.

The captain tries to contact the prison ship.  He orders one non-explosive shot into one of the thruster bays.  He watches the shot hit exactly as planned without any defensive action from the ship he was firing at.  And then that ship exploded.  The captain is royally ticked off because that shouldn’t have happened, even with an explosive shell.

PERSONAL:  I’m thinking about blogging my dreams.  My dreams recently have been pretty wild and pretty vivid.  I’ve been writing them down as soon as I wake up.

My wife has jury duty this week and she got picked up for a trial of some sort.  She can’t tell me what kind of trial or anything.

I also created first draft plot cards for the story so far.  They just have the scene titles instead of the scene sentences at this point.  I need to plot out how I’m going to get from where I’m to where I’m going to be.

Oh, and it looks like we’re going to take a quick vacation in Brussels in May.


One Response to “WABWM – 03/22”

  1. I notice your scenes are structured as you detail them, showing the conflict and twist are there. So, you may be one of the fortunate writers who automatically slot the parts together without planning. 🙂
    As for the trip, wow! Lucky you.
    I have started the write in on my revision novel, slow going, but better for all the worksheets filled out. Just have to do enough to make it automatic to check Focused Outline, checklist, and worksheet notes while editing and adding details to the sets. Fun!

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