WABWM – 3/21/10

430 words.

A captain of a military ship is watching the broadcast of the Princess when he gets a call from his superiors… his FOREIGN superiors… to take out the ship that is making the broadcast.  He’s told to take it out as quickly as possible.  He drags his feet and makes his crew do various recalculations with the image of the Princess suspended above his console.

WRITING:  Writing this felt good but I’ve got to take some time and work up plot cards for this mess.  I was trying to do this story without them but I really need to know what’s coming next.  I plan on doing that tomorrow night before I write.

PERSONAL:  Had my first workout in weeks today.  Thank goodness.  Felt good. 

We also figured out how to give our newest/oldest cat her antibiotics so that she’d take them.  Up until a few weeks ago, we only had 3 cats (and 3 horses.)  But a friend of ours was looking for a place for her grandmother’s two old cats.  These two cats have been mistreated for several years because the grandmother was too old to realize that she wasn’t taking care of them properly.  There’s a white angora that’s 15 years old and weighs only 5 pounds; we’ve renamed her Persephone after the Greek goddess of the Spring and Innocence… Sephonie, for short.  She’s got teeth problems, she was attacked by dogs, her fur is all horribly matted.  The doctors think she’s got a thyroid problem so we’re giving her medicine for that and trying to get her to gain weight.  She is so sweet it’s painful.

We also got an 18 year old cat that was on her last shaky legs.  We have to give her antibiotics because she’s got an infection in her teeth and the doctor wants her on antibiotics before they do the extractions.  They have to take out several.  She’s actually rebounded better than the angora.  We’ve renamed her Sulis after a Celtic goddess of Wisdom and Decisions (whom the Romans correlated to Minerva.)  She’s cranky and cagey and doesn’t trust anyone.  Her legs are arthritic and shake when she stands still.  I love her. 

And it’s time to go feed them!


2 Responses to “WABWM – 3/21/10”

  1. I just want to say working out the scene sentences is GOOD for my stories. It helps me gather my thoughts and keep to the plot while giving me lots of room to come up with new ideas for the characters. When I do go off track I just add to the LUC area and add more scene sentences if LUC shows another way to continue the conflict or change the twist to get back on track. I prefer to keep in scope with the premise, plot points and resolution. Doing each story this way saves a lot of time compared to previously when I just rambled and cut, rambled and cut. My first book took over 2 years to finish, now I produce 2 a year, or more if I didn’t waste so much time on other activities.
    Keep writing and keep planning. I love your conflicts.

  2. The Pencil Neck Says:

    Thanks, Diane.

    In general, before sitting down to write, I fill out a little questionnaire about what I’m about to work on. I basically explore the protagonist and the antagonist and their needs and then create my Sentence.

    Right now, I’m following a sidetrack that was unplanned but it fits into the overall framework I’d already put together.

    I hope I can get something to a point where it’s finished soon. 🙂 This is only my second novel that I’ve gotten to this point.

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