2/4 – 0 words

2/5 – 240 words

2/6 – 568 words

2/7 – 383 words

Basically, I’m following a thread in my main WIP that I hadn’t really planned out and wasn’t part of my original outline.  My MC has been caught because of a warrant for one of her disguised/alter egos and now they know who she really is.  But this is going to give her connections to the Rebels that she needs.  This is turning into a really fruitful sidetrack.  But now I’m starting to worry about the length of this thing.  I’ve still got a LONG way to go and I’m sitting at about 60,000 words.  I haven’t written any subplots.  This is all just the main story line.

On my WIR (Work in Revision), I’ve been struggling with my plots and subplots.  With my original draft of this book, I had certain plots but in the revision, I’m realizing that other things are more important and several thing were missed in my first draft.  I realized that my main character would have done a bunch of other things that he wasn’t doing.  In my first draft, he basically had no friends and no life.  So, after several hours and moving things around, I’ve pretty much figured out which plots I want to keep and which ones I want to kill but I don’t have those keepers all worked out so that they fit chronologically and… uh… logic-logically.


2 Responses to “2/7”

  1. Don’t worry. You can always add subplot during revision if you need to add more words.
    Main aim of first draft is following those new threads to find the real story.

  2. thepencilneck Says:

    Actually, the way I approach my drafts is to write each plot/subplot sequentially. I already know 3 subplots that I definitely want in this story and possibly 2 others. I’ve already got 2 fairly well plotted.

    So, I’m looking at it like I’m going to get about 120-130,000 words before adding in the subplots. The subplots will probably add another 50-60,000 words. If my numbers are right, then I’m looking at possibly 200,000 words in this novel when I was aiming at about 110,000.

    So, during revision, I’m probably going to have to cut. And that might get painful.

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