This is basically what I’m posting over on the WABWM blog that Holly keeps.

962 words.

Scene 1: The captain, who was happy to have an escort, isn’t as happy when that escort tells her to open her shuttle bay to take on boarders. And then finds out that the Imperial Corvette isn’t crewed by Imperials at all.

Scene 2: Back at the pirate station, The Princess sells the freighter but refuses to auction off the crew to slavery or give up the military hardware that was the cargo. The Ship-buyer deduces that the Princess is an idealist and involved in some war and offers to put the Princess in contact with the Queen’s Men. Which takes the Princess by surprise. She didn’t realize her mother was still alive.

Worked on HTRYN lesson 7 and lesson 10.  Lesson 7 really takes a TON of time and it’s going to be forever before I can get that thing done so I’ve been going ahead and doing the subsequent lessons.  

But didn’t get as much writing as I had planned.  Instead, I played a couple of games of Civilization.  I hadn’t played any computer games since I played through Fallout 3 a few times (love that game.)  It was fun.  I like using the Civilization engine to create maps for my novels.  But games are my achilles heel.  I’ve been good at not playing games the past year or so.  

I need to plan out what is going to happen next in the Princess’ story.  And I’ve got to finish lessons 10 and 7 of HTRYN.


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